Written in the style of a stately processional march which depicts a king’s royal journey. For intermediate recorder players, with four performance options: S, SS, SSA, SSAT. Includes 2 scores and CD accompaniment.

“This stately processional, reminiscent of the ‘intradas” of yesteryear is programmatic in character and depicts the grandeur of a king’s journey. The taped accompaniment, produced by electronic synthesizer, effectively combines a repetitive drone with sounds representing hoofbeats approaching and departing. Interest is maintained in the accompaniment part, as brass, strings, and bells are added to the instrumentation. This selection is appropriate for intermediate players and has four performance options. The melodic range extends an octave and a half, from low C to the second-octave G, and includes F-sharp and B-flat. The simplicity of the rhythm and the homophonic texture of the harmony allow for ease in performance. The overall effect is quite dramatic. I would suggest performing The King’s Highroad at revels, Medieval feasts, Shakespearean plays, or wherever there is a need for grand entrance music.” 

American Recorder

RM1KCD Kit (2 scores and CD)  $11.95

RM1EP  Economy Pack (10 scores)  $9.95