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The B-A-G Sampler

Video demo
This collection contains twelve very easy songs in a variety of musical styles. The songs are selected from the Don Muro Recorder Music Collection.  The package includes:
  • Two sets of PDF notation files featuring large, easy-to-read parts – one set in “note-name” notation for beginning students, and one set in standard notation for more advanced students.
  • Two sets of high-resolution MP3 files (accompaniment and demonstration versions). The recordings have been re-mastered for optimized sound quality. (If you own one of the original CDs you will hear the difference!)
  • Two sets of MP4 accompaniment videos. One set of videos features scrolling playback using note-name notation, and one set of videos uses standard notation.
  • Reproducible rights for your school or studio – print copies of scores as needed.
There are several ways to use the files included in this collection. If you don’t have a projector, you can print copies of the music and play the MP3 files from your computer. If you have a projector, you have several options:
  • Project the PDF file (using either the note-name or standard notation version) and play the MP3 accompaniment from your computer.
  • Project the MP4 note-name “scroll” video which includes the accompaniment (for beginning students).
  • Project the MP4 “standard” video which includes the accompaniment and uses standard music notation.
This music can be used as a beginning recorder method, as a supplement for any other recorder method, and for performance.


1. Leapin’ Lizard! (from 8 More Easy 8)

2. All Alone (from Easy 8)
3. Queen B (from Introducing B-A-G)

4. Bouncing Ball (from In The Beginning)
5. SwingBA! (from Give Me Five!)

6, The Clock And The Moon (from 8 More Easy 8 Songs)
7. Skating Away (from Introducing B-A-G)

8. ABs (from 7 Switched-On Songs)
9. GA-GA (from Introducing B-A-G)

10. Song Of The Sea (from Easy 8)
11. Flying (Beyond All Gravity) (from 7 Switched-On Songs)

12. Snakes in a BAG! (from In The Beginning)

The B-A-G Sampler is sold in two different configurations: as a digital download, and as a physical product consisting of a USB flash drive.

RM19DD – The B-A-G Sampler digital download – $25.95

RM19FD – The B-A-G Sampler USB flash drive – $29.95