Don’s most accessible songs for beginners can be used by themselves or as supplementary repertoire for his “Easy 8” as well as most recorder methods. The music consists of one song for the note B, three songs for B and A, and two songs for B, A, and G.
All songs use only half notes and quarter notes. In addition, only four rhythm patterns are used in all six songs: H-H, Q-Q-H, Q-Q-Q-Q, and H-Q-Q.
The score has large, easy-to-read parts and the songs feature several musical styles with Don’s unique arrangements.



  1. B All You Can B!
  2. Bouncing Ball
  3. Mumbai For Now
  4. Able And Ready!
  5. By The Magic Gong
  6. Snakes In A BAG!


RM17KCD Kit (1 score and CD)  $14.95

RM17EP Economy Pack (10 scores)  $9.95