This song features long, lyrical melodic lines and a legato style of playing.  Simple rhythms in unison and in two parts. The tasteful accompaniment adds a variety of tone colors to an extraordinarily beautiful melody. Two performance options: S, SS. Note range: D – D1.Memorable lyrics by Gwen Skeens provide an additional performance option.

“This composition presents an extraordinarily beautiful melody with long lyrical phrases. The melodic content covers an octave, beginning on D, with F sharps only. It is relatively simple rhythmically, with quarter, half, and dotted half notes. The song flows gracefully in triple meter and requires legato tonguing throughout the sustained phrases. The Soprano I and II parts remain in unison until the last thirty-six measures. When the two parts divide, the optional harmony line moves mostly in thirds with the melody. The two parts join in unison in the final four measures. The accompaniment seems to suggest the ocean and the fun of summertime, and is quite impressive. Students will be attracted by the sentiment of the title, and will become seriously involved as they hear the piece unfolding.”

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