Eight very easy add-a-note pieces for ;the beginning student. Starting with the note B, each selection adds one new note, ending with eight notes from D to D’. Synthesizer accompaniments present appealing rhythms and a diversity of musical styles. Suitable for classroom and/or performance. Includes one eight-page score and CD accompaniment.  


  1. All Alone (B)
  2. Starburst (B, A)
  3. Song Of The Sea (B, A, G)
  4. Get Ready (B, A, G, E)
  5. Ocean Breeze (B, A, G, E, D)
  6. Deidre’s Dream (B, A, G, E, D, C)
  7. Movin’ On (B, A, G, E, D, C, D1)
  8. New Morning (B, A, G, E, D, C, D1, F#)

“This suite has been especially successful with my beginning players. Each piece introduces a new note, beginning with first-octave B and progressing to second octave F-sharp. The compositions are constructed logically, using repeated thematic material to ensure success for the play. I challenge students to analyze each piece as they play, locating like and unlike phrases, while identifying form and dynamic markings. All of the selections have breath marks indicated. Note values and fingering patterns have been considered carefully so as not to be too demanding. Another unique attraction of these pieces is the diversity of musical styles. Students are exposed to a variety of music in both triple and duple meter. The titles are inspiring and thought provoking. Although the works are instrumental, students sometimes compose lyrics and sing while others play their recorders. The accompaniments complement and enhance the simple melodies.”

American Recorder

RM9KCD Kit (1 score and CD)   $16.95

RM9EP Economy Pack (10 scores)   $19.95