Many teachers have requested another book of songs like the highly successful EASY 8 book. The new book is here, and it’s called 8 MORE ‘EASY 8’ SONGS. Like its predecessor, it contains 8 add-a-note pieces starting with the note B. Each new piece adds one new note at a time, ending with 8 notes from D to D’. The final piece includes optional lyrics. Suitable for classroom and/or performance. Includes 1 eight-page score with CD accompaniment.


  1. Leapin’ Lizard! (B)
  2. The Clock and the Moon  (B, A)
  3. The Secret Stairway  (B, A, G)
  4. Going Home  (B, A, G, E)
  5. Shake It Up!  (B, A, G, E, D)
  6. Sanctuary  (B, A, G, E, D, C)
  7. Island Dance  (B, A, G, E, D, C, D1)
  8. Every Day of the Year  (B, A, G, E, D, C, D1, F#)

Easy Eight and Eight More Easy 8 Songs are two sets of add-a-note pieces for one beginning recorder player.  The pieces begin with the note B and work into an eight note D Mixolydian scale (F natural and C# are not used).  These are all nice pieces with active accompaniments.  … the rhythms become slightly more complex as the notes are added, so they might make great supplements to your standard method book.  In Eight More Easy 8 Songs, I especially enjoyed a piece called “Sanctuary” with its Eastern sounding accompaniment, as well as “Island Dance” with its Latin rhythms.” American Recorder

RM13KCD Kit (1 score & CD)  $16.95 

RM13EP Economy Pack (10 scores)  $19.95